Destination name

Alykes Village, Zakynthos

Alykes is a tourist town on the western coast of the island 18 kms from the city of Zakynthos.
It is very peculiar for the presence of salterns that supply salt to the entire island and from where the town derives its name (Alykes in Greek literally means saltern), it was conceived as a tourist town with hotels, rooms for rent, restaurants, pubs and every infrastructure and tourist service.
In addition to salterns there is a small river diving in the sea on which some bridges were built to reach the town centre.
Alykes position is excellent for the tourist who likes moving, during his holidays, since the attractions in the north like AlykesShipwreck and the Blue Caves or the southern towns of Tsivilì and Zakynthos that are very close along the main island road.

Transfer From/To Private Taxi
Airport Zakynthos 30€