Anafonitria Monastery


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Anafonitria Monastery

Anafonitria Monastery is located in the northwestern region of Zakynthos island, near the town of Anafonitria. It’s just over 30 kilometers from the island’s capital Zakynthos Town and that would be about a 40-minute drive.

The island is filled with age-old churches and monasteries, perfect for both the ecclesiastical and the historically inclined sightseer and the Monastery of Anafonitria is one of the best known religious attractions on the island.
First founded in the 15th century, the monastery earned its status as a place of pilgrimage when Archbishop Dionysios Sigouros famously forgave the murderer of his brother. This event effectively canonized Saint Dionysios as the saint of forgiveness and he is now also remembered as the patron saint of Zakynthos Island, with lively festivals honoring his name.

The monastery itself features a tower and an entrance archway leading to a stone courtyard. There are a number of buildings around the courtyard and potted plants, bushes, and trees decorate the area making it a beautiful and serene place to spend some time.

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