Evening Sunset Tour At Kampi Village

Sunset Kampi Tour

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Stunning views over Zante Town

The sunset from this magical place is simply unforgettable! A fantastic night out for all the family. Enjoy the stunning sunset of Kampi, the most famous on the Island. It is truly breathtaking looking down at the bay stained with endless shades of blue from the top of the cliff. Also, see the famous cross and hear about its history. Plenty of time for your evening meal (not included in the price), at the famous taverna with the best sunset

Kampi is a small village surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. It is located literally on the edge of the cliff, facing the bay of Schiza and the open sea, from a height of 300 meters, offering a spectacular view to visitors, who are gathered to admire the sunset. The attractions of the region are the Mycenean cemetery, with the sculptured tombs and the large cross, which is a monument to civil conflicts of 1940, just outside the village.

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