Dionysios Solomos Square


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Dionysios Solomos Square

Solomos Square is the main square of Zante Town, the island’s capital. It is named after one of the most famous Zakynthians, Dionysios Solomos, the poet whose words later formed the lyrics of the Greek National Anthem.

A statue of Solomos has been erected in the square.

Many impressive buildings surround the square, such as the Church of Saint Nikolaos, which dates from 1561 and is remarkable in the fact that it survived the strong 1953 earthquake and is notable as Saint Dionysios the patron saint of the island served here.

Other important buildings surrounding the square include the Byzantine Museum and the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos – which houses the town’s library, a small art gallery, and other exhibitions along with the town’s cinema theatre.

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